October 24, 2014

I don’t typically do “knock-off” type projects but today’s DIY was definitely inspired by this jeweled BHLDN sash. I want to warn you upfront that although this project is simple in nature – it takes time, creativity and patience. If you follow my tips below (please read them!), within a weekend you will have a beautiful faux couture bridal sash for a fraction of the price you will find in stores. So if you’ve been dreaming of something sparkly and don’t want to break the bank, try this project on for size!

DIY rhinestone bridal sash
DIY Rhinestone Bridal sash

Decide on your length of ribbon and rhinestone area by measuring your waist before you start. My jeweled section is 11″, while the entire sash is actually 80″ long (about 6.5 feet). You’ll be amazed how much length a bow can take up.

DIY rhinestone bridal sash


  • Pretty ribbon
  • Jewels, rhinestones, beads, pearls, etc.
  • E600 Glue (absolute must!)
  • Waxed paper
  • Optional tools: felt, small pliers or tweezers, toothpick and silicone glue stick

Essentially all you will be doing for this design is gluing your fun rhinestones and beads to the ribbon; I said essentially. You will need to consider color, design, texture and overall theme – to nail this project. Choose at least 5 different style beads all within the same color family. This DIY is a major steal; for ribbon, glue and beads I spent about $30. The beads were on sale and I had a Michaels coupon – if you shop right you can save.

E6000 is the only glue I am recommending that you use. Although it takes up to 24 hours to dry, this is the only adhesive that will ensure all your gems stay put while you are dancing the night away.

DIY rhinestone bridal sash

On this sash I worked in about 2-3″ sections at a time. For three reasons; 1. perfectly placing these beads and sniffing glue is tedious work 2. I wanted the glue to dry evenly 3. I wanted to make sure that all the hard work I put in placing jewels wasn’t ruined by me accidentally touching or moving a piece that wasn’t dry yet. If you take your time you will have a better result.

I have my beads on a small piece of felt so that they don’t roll around on my work surface.

As I’m gluing – I’m working with my ribbon laying flat on waxed paper. The glue WILL seep through your ribbon – and that’s ok. You just don’t want to glue your ribbon to your desk.

DIY Rhinestone Bridal sash

For larger beads I added the glue to the bead itself, then to the ribbon. To fill in areas with smaller gems I added glue to the ribbon, spread it into an even layer (using a silicone stick made to work with glue – but you can use a popsicle stick to do this) and then carefully placed my beads on top. Pressing the beads firmly into the glue. Keep in mind anything that touches this glue that isn’t silicone is going to need to be thrown away.

DIY rhinestone bridal sash

If you chose to include smaller beads that have holes in them, use a tooth pick to turn the bead to make sure the holes don’t show. This is the perfect example of the size of section I worked with.

After each section has dried for a few hours, remove the ribbon from the wax paper – there will be glue underneath – and place on a different, clean section of waxed paper. I found that moving the sash at least 2x while drying helped to rid the back of the ribbon of excess glue and speed up the drying time.

DIY rhinestone bridal sash

Working here and there, as the glue dried – this sash took me about 3 days. Once you are done, pick up your sash and move it around – bend it and touch every bead and make sure they are all firmly glued in place. If a few pop off it means there wasn’t enough glue underneath. Not to worry, just glue them back on and repeat.

DIY rhinestone bridal sash

If for some reason you have an aversion to glue – you can always hand sew each bead to your sash. Glue is just the easy way.

DIY rhinestone bridal sash

DIY Sash Crafting Tips

  • Choose beautiful ribbon and make sure it compliments your dress color
  • Choose at least 5 different styles/textures/sizes of beads
  • Measure your desired sash length before you start
  • Use only E600 glue
  • Test out the glue on your ribbon to make sure it doesn’t turn it a dark shade once fully dry
  • Before you start gluing, take time to layout all your beads and decide on an overall design
  • Work with your beads on felt so they don’t roll off your workstation
  • Work in small 2-3″ sections at at time
  • Make sure each gem has a nice amount of glue underneath it
  • Make sure you hide bead holes
  • Work on waxed paper where the sash will have room to dry for hours at a time
  • After each section has dried for a few hours, move it onto a clean section of waxed paper
  • Once finished move and bend the sash to make sure all beads are firmly adhered, if not re-glue
  • The more time you take the better, this is not a quickie project!
DIY rhinestone bridal sash

I know all the above steps and tips sound like a lot – but as always I want to make sure to provide you will ALL the information you will need to create a stunning DIY rhinestone sash of your own. Once you get crafting you’ll see it’s pretty easy.

DIY rhinestone bridal sash

This project might not be the right fit for your wedding dress but it might be the perfect fit for your bridesmaid dresses! Having similar rhinestone sashes for all bridesmaids to wear, especially if they are wearing mismatched dresses – is a great way to unify their look. You could even have a sash making party where they get to design their own!

DIY rhinestone bridal sash

As with all our DIY tutorials, if you create one of our projects please send us a picture – We Love Seeing Your Creativity! If you use Instagram or Twitter please use the hashtag #SomethingTurquoiseDIY and it will show up on our Get Social page. Happy Crafting!

DIY Tutorial Credits

Photography: Mike Carreiro Photography // DIY tutorial: Jen | Something Turquoise // wedding dress courtesy of: Justin Alexander #8635 // E600 glue, ModPodge pink glue stick, all jewels/beads/pearls, and ribbon: Michaels // nails: Essie – Mint Candy Apple

Every year at the end of Bridal Market, Martha Stewart Weddings throws an amazing bash to celebrate. However, this years party was extra special because it was the 20th Anniversary of the publication. Normally held at MSLO’s headquarters, they surprised everyone as it was hosted at the resplendent Pierre Hotel. I have always wanted to attend this event so to be included on the staggering guest list was an honor. Along with MS employees, industry peeps and colleagues of all kinds; every bride and groom featured in the magazine was invited to attend. Obviously they all couldn’t make it but many did. Martha herself was there and so were many other famous faces. The images and my story below don’t do the party justice, nothing short of being there could. Just know that it was everything you’d expect and more…

Chelsea from Tidewater and Tulle, Me and Jessica from The Budget Savvy Bride had a wonderful time and just about closed the party down.

Before the event started, I had the pleasure of meeting Darcy Miller the Editorial Director of Martha Stewart Weddings. She gave me (and a few cameras) the inside look at this platinum-bash before the doors opened. Total fan girl moment for me!

Darcy Miller and Jen Carreiro

We were welcomed by David Stark Design’s large love bird topiaries with a darling banner that read “tweet, tweet, love is sweet!”.

martha stewart weddings party 2014

The Martha Stewart Crafts Team created a fab backdrop for the always fun SmileBooth which Jessica from the Budget Savvy Bride and I took full advantage of.

Smilebooth at martha stewart weddings party 2014

Among the ultra chic companies included in the affair, two of my favorites were there. Wedding Paper Divas gifted us all with DIY stationary while Sugarfina handed out their popular (and my fav!) champagne gummy bears!

Wedding Paper Divas and Sugarfina

As you would imagine, the cuisine was the highlight of the event. An oyster bar displayed on incredible sea-inspired ice sculptures by Okamoto Studio

martha stewart weddings party 2014

Mini burgers, mini hotdogs and more dalring mini things…

martha stewart weddings party 2014

Delicious mini-pizzas by Peter Callahan

Mini pizzas at martha stewart weddings party 2014

..and every tiny dessert you could imagine.

martha stewart weddings party 2014

We were serenaded by the talented Troy Curtis Group, who were amazing!

martha stewart weddings party 2014

A team from Bobbie Brown gave us little glamour touch-ups as needed.

Bobbie Brown at martha stewart weddings party 2014

Duff from Charm City Cakes not only made this beauty for all of us to enjoy but he attended the event as well. Side note: has anyone tried his box cake mixes from the market? They are so good, now they are the only ones I’ll buy.

Charm City Cakes

We also devoured darling individual ice cream cups from Steve’s Ice Cream.

Steves Ice Cream

It’s safe to say that this was the event to be at. Thank you Martha… and everyone else for such a wonderful end to an amazing week!

martha stewart weddings party 2014

To see more vendor images from this event click here.

To see more party attendee images from this event click here.

Some images included in this post are courtesy of the editors at Martha Stewart Weddings and some are copyright of DO NOT use, edit or reproduce without express permission from the editor.

As many of you know, last week I was in NYC for Bridal Market (aka. Bridal Fashion Week) and it was my first time attending. Can you say dream come true? Fashion show after fashion show of stunning new wedding dress styles, coffee meetings, cocktail parties, delicious food and OMG – the Martha Stewart Weddings Party; I’ll be posting on that later this afternoon. We stayed in Chelsea at the Highline Hotel which truly felt like home; I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking to stay in that area. Awesome bed, killer minibar, terrific service and ideal location – all in a charming historic building. Lucky for me, the hubby had some work to do in NYC as well so I didn’t have to travel alone. Time flies when you are having a good time and those 7 days went by in a flash – was I even there? I have to pinch myself because I was…

And now for the breakdown of all the swoon-worthy fashion and awesome brands that I had the pleasure of meeting with. You see, bloggers are now considered legitimate “press” and so are invited to attend all the awesome bridal market happenings. If you have any questions about anything you see here, please feel free to ask – I’ll do my best to answer. Forgive the poor image quality, I took them all with my iPhone 6. For some reason the hubby wasn’t willing to follow me around and take them all for me, lol :)

The Etsy Weddings Spring Preview

The talented team over at Etsy put on the most beautiful event to showcase the best of what their wedding specific artisans are producing for the upcoming season. Most vendors sent items to the show while 4 local artists were able to attend, they are mentioned below. All designs were divided into categories/tables like gifts, favors, stationary, accessories, etc. There was live music, cocktails, and tons of pretty things to see. All the decor was created by Etsy artists. This event was definitely a highlight of my trip.

Etsy Weddings Spring Preview Show at Bridal Fashion Week

To easily find all the darling items you see here; visit the Etsy Weddings tastemaker page.

Etsy Weddings Spring Preview Show at Bridal Fashion Week
Etsy Weddings Spring Preview Show at Bridal Fashion Week
Etsy Weddings Spring Preview Show at Bridal Fashion Week
Etsy Weddings Spring Preview show for Bridal Fashion Week

Here are the tables of the 4 artists who were able to attend the event in person. Lily and Val – who creates the most amazing hand-drawn signs and printables. La Vie Rosie – a talented florist. MiHow – that creates the most unusual and delicious gourmet lollipops, my fav was Red Wine. And lastly, Anto Arts – that creates lovely rustic wedding decor and gifts.

Etsy Weddings Spring Preview show for Bridal Fashion Week

Jessica from The Budget Savvy Bride, me and Jessica from Storyboard Wedding wearing the beautiful flower crowns that La Vie Rosie created for us on the spot!

Etsy Weddings Spring Preview Show at Bridal Fashion Week

Click to see Something Turquoise’s favorite Etsy artisans —> Etsy Wedding Artists

Della Giovanna

Della Giovanna was my very first show and it was energizing. Inspired by the intricate art of medieval armor – their Fall 2015 looks were full of metallic details and crisp lines. Here are my 4 favorites. To see more of the Fall 2015 collection click here.

Della Giovanna Bridal Fashion Week 2014

JLM Couture

The largest show I attended was for JLM Couture which included three designers Jim Hjelm, Hayley Paige and Lazaro. The cocktails were flowing at this event and although I did not indulge as some did – it was fantastic.

My Jim Hjelm favorites. To see more of the Fall 2015 collection click here.

Jim Hjelm Fall 2015

My Hayley Paige favorites. To see more of the Fall 2015 collection click here.

Hayley Paige Fall 2015

My Lazaro favorites, including the amazing soft turquoise beaded gown. To see more of the Fall 2015 collection click here.

Lazaro Fall 2015


I spent Saturday morning with Watters and a few bridal blogger pals… how amazing is that paper flower wall?! Here are my favorites. To see more of the Fall 2015 collection click here.

Watters Fall 2015

Maggie Sottero

My favorite show of all, Maggie Sottero… and not just because of this beautiful welcome. The venue, the staff, the models, the beautiful gowns – it was all stunning – the perfect package. Here are my favs. To see more of the Fall 2015 collection click here.

Maggie Sottero Fall 2015

Badgley Mischka

Next up, Badgley Mischka. I’ve been a long time fan so being able to see this collection in person was such a treat and seeing Mark and James at the end for just a second was a thrill. Here are my favorites from the show. To see more of the Fall 2015 collection click here.

Badgley Mischka Fall 2015

Eve of Milady

Wow. Eve of Milady… although her designs are for a very specific type of bride, it was an honor to see such beauty and exquisite detail up close. Here are my favorites. To see more of the Fall 2015 collection click here.

Eve of Milady Fall 2015

Sareh Nouri

Last but not least, the private show from Sareh Nouri. The unique fabric, textures and color were only matched by the beauty of their penthouse view of Central Park. Here are my favs. To see more of the Fall 2015 collection click here.

Sareh Nouri Fall 2015

Aside from the large runway style shows there are two giant arenas full of wedding fashion related companies showing their latest styles. From a sea of wedding dresses, to groom and bridesmaid attire, accessories of all kinds, shoes and so much more. Walking the floor can be a bit overwhelming and by no means did I cover everything but I did find three companies I wanted to share with you.


First up, Ellis. Based in London, this family label has been around since 1912 and you just have to read their story — it’s heartwarming! Pictured here is the lead designer and grandson of the founder with a beautiful dress (#11317) inspired by one of their original designs.

Ellis Bridal UK


Second, one of my favorites Toms. How freaking adorable are these new styles??? I love that brides are choosing to support charitable companies when purchasing items for their weddings; like having a pair of Toms as your “dancing shoes” or your “something blue”. Sadly these styles won’t be available for a while but I will gladly let you know as soon as they are!

Tom's Fall 2015 wedding styles


Third, Wed/Altered is an indie/ethical pop-up style bridal boutique. From hand painted wedding gowns to eco-friendly materials, their vendors are sure to please the alternative bride.

Wed Altered Bridal Market 2014

On top of all the fab fashion week events, I also had three personal business meetings. Can you say full plate? I was so busy in fact that I had to cancel three fashion shows. But the crazy hustle was worth all the experiences. I get to cross this one off my bucket list and look forward to many more in the future. I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into my first time at Bridal Market – it was awesome to relive it for you!

All images in this post are copyright of DO NOT use, edit or reproduce without express permission from the editor.

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